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Maddie and Elijah
Hey hey notification squad! 🤰🏻😉 Let’s chat in the comments! ✨
Comment from : Maddie and Elijah

Apples 110
He was thinking that his pull out game the shit, that’s why they couldn’t have had a kid
Comment from : Apples 110

Kaylah Glentworth
Awwh he's so cute looking after you
Comment from : Kaylah Glentworth

love barcelona
That's strange that he doesn't know her last period🤔😂 i mean two months!!
Comment from : love barcelona

akhila y
Elijah analysing the pregnancy test

Me 🤣🤣

Comment from : akhila y

mahak pal
Boy is so so handsome and girl is so cute
Comment from : mahak pal

Septiana LA
Sayang bgt gue gabisa bhs inggris:')
Comment from : Septiana LA

Emma Washburn
4:46 😂
Comment from : Emma Washburn

Angelicqua Cole
He is the best boyfriend in the world
Comment from : Angelicqua Cole

casey the dancer
Ok but he's such a good bf wtf
Comment from : casey the dancer

Moonnight Hunter
"Does this mean i'm pregnant?"
Elijah: "Dude, shut up"

Comment from : Moonnight Hunter

kainat kanwal
Both of u r awsome.this was ur first video i see....r u both married or just in a living relation ship???
Comment from : kainat kanwal

BTS Army
Dude your boyfriend is damn handsome 😜
Comment from : BTS Army

Fannie Miller
notifications turned on.. you guys r awesome!!!
Comment from : Fannie Miller

ッNFSッ002 loader
My fav adifisherman
Comment from : ッNFSッ002 loader

Like me and my hubbyyy🥰🥰🥰
Comment from : ANJANA ULLAS

TxRi Soar
Jack and Gab!
Comment from : TxRi Soar

Be kind n powerful
This man here is a true definition of how a man has to be.. m new here from all those want a baby how my gf reacts prank to being mean to my gf prank to rating my gf outfits to tis video........ like m wondering how can this type of men can even exist in 21st century... !! I don comment much.. but I must admit u guys r not fake at all!!! MUCH LOVE, RESPECT, BEST WISHES FROM INDIA ❤️❤️ n a new subscriber too 😂
Comment from : Be kind n powerful

Celine Terra
This was the video where I subscribed and kept watching you guys lol ❤️
Comment from : Celine Terra

Jean Jeanty
Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. What Acting, my gosh, I would felt for that too. You play it perfectly
Comment from : Jean Jeanty

jinad_studio status
Fake video ever
Comment from : jinad_studio status

Nusrat Akter
Why the fuck are you so loud?! You just made me a deaf! What the heck! Meddie or whatever
Comment from : Nusrat Akter

She should have said 3 lines means I'm having twins...lol
Comment from : nybsbfan18

Nicole Jones
Aww he is so sweet looking after her like that when she is ill
Comment from : Nicole Jones

Fei Ma
Omg when she asked for pickles!!! His reaction is ssoooooo on point!!! Ohmygahhh
Comment from : Fei Ma

thats mean
Comment from : MayorMaya

Saviour Gaming
IF u r interested in game like pubg mobile pls subscribe to my channel 🙏
Comment from : Saviour Gaming

Indah Kristianingsih
wow this title shows they have been in a marital relationship even though they are not married yet are dating 😅🙄🤔🤫🙊 upss
Comment from : Indah Kristianingsih

Indah Kristianingsih
wow this title shows they have been in a marital relationship even though they are not married yet are dating 😅🙄🤔🤫🙊 upss
Comment from : Indah Kristianingsih

Mou Mondal
Hot Sex Video. Pless I Required You.
Comment from : Mou Mondal

Kukuchanxia cute
7:35 lol 😂😂😂 he is thinking alot why the heck she needs pickles suddenly lol 😂😂
Comment from : Kukuchanxia cute

Comment from : badkidkay

Comment from : badkidkay

Aastha and family
She resembles sonakshi sinha
Comment from : Aastha and family

He was so sweet
Comment from : 4paulette

Baby y Yoda _
I feel sorry for him he was so happy
Comment from : Baby y Yoda _

robynsvids xoxo
His face when you asked for the pickles
Comment from : robynsvids xoxo

your midnight snack
7:52 Elijah 😳
Comment from : your midnight snack

your midnight snack
7:35 Look at Elijah 😂💀
Comment from : your midnight snack

Macie Dailey
Her pregnant act is amazing 😂😂
Comment from : Macie Dailey

Suong Ho
oomg he went and got a pregnancy test what a good boyfriend hahhaa
Comment from : Suong Ho

Marvelyn Aguirre
I have a question. If he isn’t suspicious that she’s cheating then does that mean that you guys...did...eww😂
Comment from : Marvelyn Aguirre

Jules Andrion
Couple youtuber be posting these kind of videos, giving people the idea that they already did what we think they did already(if you guys know what i mean)

Btw love you both maddie and elijah

Comment from : Jules Andrion

Uma Uma
الليعطينا حض البشعات
Comment from : Uma Uma

Arcelia Rangel
Me: mom... I’m pregnant...
Mom: it’s because of that DAMN phone!!!

Comment from : Arcelia Rangel

Bitches be like “I love being single, it’s the best” and then cry watching this

I’m bitches

Comment from : gresly.

Rachel Lascola
Comment from : Rachel Lascola

{ michaela }
I need I cute bf like elijahhh awww
Comment from : { michaela }

Anyi Velez
This is a really good good video 💯💯💯💯
Comment from : Anyi Velez

BootyPie ASMR
He bought the dollar store pregnancy tests 😂
Comment from : BootyPie ASMR

maddie be hardcore regretting telling elijah that he can have the rest of her food
Comment from : MEI YAMADA

jim jam
wait wait.....
can we just talk about that music at 2:26 "THAT MUSIC IS CREEPY DUDE"😂

Comment from : jim jam

helenaa s
I don't know how guys never ask or wonder about having the nasty thing,cause it's the only way the girl can be pregnant 😂
Comment from : helenaa s

dt. daniellexx
Where can i hire a personal Elijah?
Comment from : dt. daniellexx

aryan jhouana
Comment from : aryan jhouana

Akshra Jinee
He's just 20 😑😶🤐😳😳🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Akshra Jinee

Akshra Jinee
Guys just imagine if three lines meant , you r pregnant with 3 kids then omg this guy must have gone mad 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I can't stop laughing at my own joke
Comment from : Akshra Jinee

pubg gamers yt
Maadie should give an Oscar
Comment from : pubg gamers yt

Leandra Reddy
notifications turned on...OMG...this was the first video i watched of you guys and love you guys so much...you guys are awesome
Comment from : Leandra Reddy

mel ks
I need to know what nail polish color and brand is on her nails 😍
Comment from : mel ks

Maria Dulce
the way he asked if she was okay lmao
Comment from : Maria Dulce

I wish this was real lol
Comment from : PaTcHyXfOg

heather king
Well they do have a dog now sooo....😮😶😮😶 17:28
Comment from : heather king

heather king
Ily so much y'all are so cute❤️❤️❤️
Notifications on and subscribed

Comment from : heather king

priya ghising
Comment from : priya ghising

Kennedy Angus
I love his reaction sooo cute
Comment from : Kennedy Angus

Elissa Naouar
You are so beautiful girl
Comment from : Elissa Naouar

Nikhil Solanki
Post notification turned on and subscribed to your channel. You guys are lovely.👍
Comment from : Nikhil Solanki

Denisse Medina
Can someone take care of me the way he takes care of her lol
Comment from : Denisse Medina

Lili Lileu
Comment from : Lili Lileu

al these pranks seem so fake
Comment from : JARI

Victoria Ferreira
dude shut up
Comment from : Victoria Ferreira

hetassvi vora
Elijah is hot and caring lucky maddie
Comment from : hetassvi vora

Alanna Webb
When he said he had to go to the store I knew what he was going to go do.
Comment from : Alanna Webb

palak Bundela
15:18 best part ever😂😂😂😂
Comment from : palak Bundela

Hailey Christie
Best best one yet Maddie😘😘
Comment from : Hailey Christie

Team Clar1fy
Me: Ooo 6.6k comments let me check them out.

Youtube: Not today.

Comment from : Team Clar1fy

Roxanne Alexandra
14:13 poor guy.
Comment from : Roxanne Alexandra

Roxanne Alexandra
13:50 me during a math exam
Comment from : Roxanne Alexandra

Karoliine Miller
Sooo they did the dirty huh?
Comment from : Karoliine Miller

Savannah Knight
I wonder if anyone has found out they were pregnant during the pregnancy prank
Comment from : Savannah Knight

Katelyn Bishop
His face when she ate Pickles
Comment from : Katelyn Bishop

Katelyn Bishop
She is so good at acting
Comment from : Katelyn Bishop

Ray Potato
LMAO so they aren't virgins 😣
Comment from : Ray Potato

Jyothi Bansi
I have done it
Comment from : Jyothi Bansi

katelyn nicolina
Y’all know what this means then... I just won’t say it 😆
Comment from : katelyn nicolina

Destabilize Nemesis
I wish i'll have a boyfriend like Elijah someday,Funny part is i have a friend named a Elijah and i used to date him..but then he left me.
Comment from : Destabilize Nemesis

Destabilize Nemesis
Comment from : Destabilize Nemesis

M Marcinkowski
Awwwhwhwhwh he held her like a babyyyyyy baaaaaa
Comment from : M Marcinkowski

{{R3KT}} Lucifearing
Now we know that something happened between them some time before this for him to even think shes pregnant.
Comment from : {{R3KT}} Lucifearing

Shi-shen Simonson
So if u think that they have a baby 1=like if u think that they don't then comment that they won't have a babie
Comment from : Shi-shen Simonson

Banaja Karmakar
Guys just get married and have a kid cause I know if it will be a boy it must be like Elijah and if it will be a girl it must be like Maddie
(U can also change like boy will be like Maddie and girl will be like Elijah))

Comment from : Banaja Karmakar

Poppy Donlin
I want an Elijah when I am ill
Comment from : Poppy Donlin

Poppy Donlin
I subscribed and turned my notifications on
Comment from : Poppy Donlin

Poppy Donlin
Maddie and elijah, you probably wont reply to this but I just want to let you know that you guys literally make my day you both suit eachother so well, elijah you are so cute and maddie you are so beautiful with and without makeup and will always be. Never stop what you're doing cuz I love you both. Hopefully you will respond. Thnx for making my day xx
Comment from : Poppy Donlin

Suporna Pal
Does anyone else get a ad of a pregnancy test at the end of the video 😭😂
Comment from : Suporna Pal

Jaslyn Rodriguez
Elija is such a good boyfriend
Comment from : Jaslyn Rodriguez

Kayla Noble
Bells on! Love y’all
Comment from : Kayla Noble

Nadya Landes
Maddie’s lips are wierd
Comment from : Nadya Landes

Zara Rikan
I just feel like you guys are happy together and get along together and I think you guys should be together for ever and ever and you guys should definitely get married and have kids and have a very big family together that would be a really good thing I think you would be great parents to be honest but that is really up to you guys it’s your life’s and what you wanna do is up to you it rhymes but also it is true what you wanna to do is up to you!!
Comment from : Zara Rikan

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