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Genesis Leathersich
Katie you should do this prank again but buy a pregnancy test on amazon the ones were they tern out positive no matter what you do. 👌🏻👍😜
Comment from : Genesis Leathersich

Letty Aldridge
Put a ring on it josh
Comment from : Letty Aldridge

Natalie's Little Nation
He’s soooo sweet
Comment from : Natalie's Little Nation

He so cute
Comment from : harifa

Jolene Combrink
How long have you 2 been together?
Comment from : Jolene Combrink

Audrey Smith
He's so sweet! If you do get pregnant, he'll be there!
Comment from : Audrey Smith

Clara Arteaga
Best Boyfriend EVER!!!!!!
Comment from : Clara Arteaga

EvieLovesOreos :3
Me: watches :3

AD: Get your pregnancy test today.

Me: 0_0 lol

Comment from : EvieLovesOreos :3

hannah frahm
Josh is just so sweet !!!! He will make the BEST HUSBAND and DAD
Comment from : hannah frahm

Aww josh is the best xxx
Comment from : Daisy

Jade Elizabeth
you are crassly and your good.
Comment from : Jade Elizabeth

PR Treat
Comment from : PR Treat

Ashlyn Thomas
Comment from : Ashlyn Thomas

Caitlyn Stroud
Comment from : Caitlyn Stroud

Charlie Bars
If you like it then you should put a ring on it. Wooh oohihoohoohoowhohhih. Love that song lmao
Comment from : Charlie Bars

Karisma Torres
But he thought she was pregnant cause they have the nasty!
Comment from : Karisma Torres

Maya Kendall
Please do the dead prank pleasssssssseeeeeeeeee
Comment from : Maya Kendall

Cherry Rose Riola
I think it's ok if they have a baby already even they are just fiance now cause I can see that Josh is taking good care and a good father. Like this if you agree
Comment from : Cherry Rose Riola

Madeline Houlton
Katie, you got yourself a man
Comment from : Madeline Houlton

Jozelle Swart
I love the way you wave your hare
Comment from : Jozelle Swart

Samantha Hartmann
Y'all are so cute!
Comment from : Samantha Hartmann

marie.edithe timot
Comment from : marie.edithe timot

Irene Faccini
awwww 😍 he's so damm cute and sweet
Comment from : Irene Faccini

Annabelle Ghilks
My phone dies at exactly 15:24 and I freaked out and went to find another electronic to finish it on cause I needed to finish it
Comment from : Annabelle Ghilks

Jenaya Brooks Mulholland
U should do a pregnancy test and draw a line in red or black I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ but u should do that and see how he reactes 🥰🥰🤬🍓🍓🍓it going to 🐝 be soo good goodbye 👋
Comment from : Jenaya Brooks Mulholland

Make It Count Kids
If you love there videos like this comment
Comment from : Make It Count Kids

Omega Weisser
PREGNANCY SCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Omega Weisser

Emma Adamson
This was on my birthday
Comment from : Emma Adamson

Cj And Trin
Awww he had such a cute reaction
Comment from : Cj And Trin

Juanita Oyola
Your so cute kate
Comment from : Juanita Oyola

Devilish me
Her shoulder tho😳
Comment from : Devilish me

Kristina Tavarez
What if one day your kid watched this video and they heard you guys constantly saying that you did not want kids
Comment from : Kristina Tavarez

Bethany Rector
We need more Men like Josh in this world
Comment from : Bethany Rector

Maddog Reese
Katie- “my heart like literally” touches her stomach
Comment from : Maddog Reese

Idaly Rodriguez
Ha ha so funny
Comment from : Idaly Rodriguez

Mary Baldaan
18:07 “Im like sick in my stomach right now“
Josh u pregnant 🤨

Comment from : Mary Baldaan

josh believed so the thinggy happened
Comment from : MARLON TAN

Amaya Lemke
When you hit him with it i died
Comment from : Amaya Lemke

If they actually were I am team boy
Comment from : R J

Shannon Anderson
Honey I know this is just a prank. But morning sickness is all day,all night. Its absolutely the worse. It feels like the flu on steroids.
Comment from : Shannon Anderson

Amalee Higgins
Plot twist she takes a pregnancy test and then relies she is pregnant
Comment from : Amalee Higgins

Sloan Williams
Pls guys can u give me a shout out!!!!!😁😁😁😁
Comment from : Sloan Williams

Abbie Watts
Am I the only one who realises how much Josh turns his gap around the whole time😂😂😂
Comment from : Abbie Watts

Josh is such a good boyfriend he is the type of bf every girl needs and I wish there were more men in the world with his qualities. There’s not many types of guys like that in the world, she and him are so adorable and when he supported her and stayed with her I was like awww that’s to cute🥺
Comment from : Madison

Matilda Townsend
please have a baby
Comment from : Matilda Townsend

Relationship goals
Whats his is mine and whats mine is mine

Comment from : GEORGIA ANGEL

Avocado Queen
Comment from : Avocado Queen

Lilly S.
He would've known thought because they had to... You know.. they had to decide to have a baby and go through the ummmm.... Process
Comment from : Lilly S.

I love that Katie said :
“But you were gonna be a good dad”
And Josh says:
“Well duh”
Instead of doubting himself like wow.....😐👌
I wish I could have that confidence 👍

Comment from : Sea BTS

Drawing Nathaniel
Jatie or kosh
Comment from : Drawing Nathaniel

why can people be so cute I feel really ugly towards Jatie
Comment from : Nina

Rylie Cross
lol August 11 my birthday
Comment from : Rylie Cross

Ikia Calidonio
Is she 🤰 pregnant in real life
Comment from : Ikia Calidonio

Izzy Anne
He loves his cutoffs. 🤷‍♀️
Comment from : Izzy Anne

Edith Kavanagh
First kids a mistake....
Comment from : Edith Kavanagh

Grace Michelle
This was my birthday
Comment from : Grace Michelle

Emiliana solis
for reAl you need to have a kid
Comment from : Emiliana solis

la la land
They're a really cute couple. Ilysm
Comment from : la la land

* WildRosez
Everyone else talking about the video, meanwhile im laughing because at 4:58 - 4:59 Katie said "threwn up" 😅
Comment from : * WildRosez

Ava Grace
wait literally why does katie’s shoulder look like thanos’s chin...🤔

i’m sorry.

Comment from : Ava Grace

Kaleigh Clark
When josh said he felt sick to his stomach I was like maybe he’s pregnangt
Comment from : Kaleigh Clark

Christian Judd
Josh is a good man
Comment from : Christian Judd

Shayla Gradoni
So y’all had s** 🥴
Comment from : Shayla Gradoni

Blue Wolves
10:30 idk why but that sound and his face made me dying
Comment from : Blue Wolves

Heaven Sutterfield
U CAN HAVE CAFFEINE. SODA, & COFFEE WHILE PREGNANT!!! its just not good to over do it with caffeine or anything else while pregnant
Comment from : Heaven Sutterfield

Rosenart and Peeps
Wow he is so nice, a lot of guys are like oh your on your own bye
Comment from : Rosenart and Peeps

Abby M.
I love yall, yall are so pretty, funny and amazing, I'm so glad yall are in this world making people happy
Comment from : Abby M.

Simple Yllesx3
What if she did all this. Takes a pregnancy test and is for real pregnant :D Pranked herself
Comment from : Simple Yllesx3

Isis Marie Sisi
why dont you just do it for real
have a baby for real
i know the both of you like that
literaly josh wants a baby

comment or like if you guys agree👍👪

Comment from : Isis Marie Sisi

Abigail Perrin
wow. best boyfriend ever award goes to josh he’s a keeper
Comment from : Abigail Perrin

Reggie Wade

Comment from : Reggie Wade

Livvy Jones
Katie: It’s like a period craving, but on steroids. 😂
Comment from : Livvy Jones

Lys M
Wait I just realized obviously if he believes she pregnant when she told him they’ve had you know what before because if she told him she was pregnant and they haven’t had you know what then he would not believe it.
Comment from : Lys M

Kendyl Eck
omg im wating for a jatie babie
Comment from : Kendyl Eck

Roos Hoogeveen
When Katie will be really pregnant then don’t make it a rapunzel story... DONT CALL THE KID ICE CREAM
Comment from : Roos Hoogeveen

Abbie Pearce
Wait should he of known tho since hey
are religious and her mom won’t let her sleep in the same bed ....

Comment from : Abbie Pearce

Ginger Roses
Oml he is the most awesome boyfriend ever most would run and leave them but he is so amazing
Comment from : Ginger Roses

Ginger Roses
Hé has to know he has to see the camera videoing this
Comment from : Ginger Roses

Ryan Deffley
They did a Q&A way after this where they were asked if they had sex. Would she get pregnant by immaculate conception? LMAO

Just cracks me up that some people act like they're this virginal waiting until marriage couple. When there's no way two people would date nearly two years and be engaged w/o having sex.

Comment from : Ryan Deffley

Olivia Grace
Katie’s hair in this video 🥰
Comment from : Olivia Grace

CrazyBunny Lady
just had to point out y’all currently have SIXTY NINE thousand likes in this... seems fitting
Comment from : CrazyBunny Lady

Emily Soriano
Comment from : Emily Soriano

Ended an Creeper
I felt so bad
Comment from : Ended an Creeper

Coockie Reid
He is so cute
Comment from : Coockie Reid

tenisha vann
Docent it mean they I'm not going to say it but if he believes her thay had ... this how Manny believes me


Comment from : tenisha vann

Jeff Poobie
Comment from : Jeff Poobie

Marije Guijt
Comment from : Marije Guijt

Wornes Teisha
Who else here in 2020??
Comment from : Wornes Teisha

Polett Valerio
10:26 When she asked if he knew when she last had her period and he was all like 'don't you keep track of that'
Comment from : Polett Valerio

Dobre Fanforlife
Have a baby now that ur married
Comment from : Dobre Fanforlife

Cassie Pombanto
Comment from : Cassie Pombanto

Princy Patel
If she pregnant we know they be hooking up 😷🤣❤️
Comment from : Princy Patel

Kate Rae
Josh: I’m having stomach pains
Me: maybe... josh is pregnant 😂

Comment from : Kate Rae

Thai thuy Huynh
i think u shouldint do something too big becuase your guys channel is just pranking each other so its pretty obvious
Comment from : Thai thuy Huynh

Daulton Lucas
Now we know that they have done it couse we know that josh isn't that stupid
Comment from : Daulton Lucas

Corinne Hastings
The only way to get pregnant is if you’ve had sex. Josh would have been mad if she was pregnant. This means they have had sex.
Comment from : Corinne Hastings

Rachel Unger
Do you guys realise that if she is prancing him on that she might be pregnant then they must of done 🙈🙈 so yeah also jd blogs I love you so much and you have inspired me so much so yeah
Comment from : Rachel Unger

My World
Wow amagin they really had one
Comment from : My World

gamiming mya
Who thinks they would have a cute baby 🔽
Comment from : gamiming mya

volleyball girl
So that means this prank became possible bc they have done it tea sis
Comment from : volleyball girl

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